World's Most Spectacular Houses

The typical house consists of a roof, walls, and floors. Most houses have rooms with specialized functions – e.g. for sleeping, bathing, washing, etc.

People in general are amenable to this typical structure perhaps because it serves its purpose of "a roof over one’s head" or "serving as a family hearth and home" – only deviating from this basic design by varying in size (usually becoming larger), displaying various decorations, adding to or reducing the number of rooms, etc.

The the changes in structure are a reflection of man’s development throughout the centuries (and where factors such as culture, wealth, etc. had a hand in shaping that development).

Until now, we are still trying to find out new ways to do things – designing and constructing houses is not exemption as evidenced by these one-of-a-kind, and even out-of-this-world houses and buildings.

spectacular houses


Bart Prince House – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Bart Prince is notable architect best know for his creative approach to designing structures. His designs are described as "quirky." Prince shares his unique design style: he starts from the inside and out. Thus, the quirky designs. Prince’s designs are also organic. The architect also shares that every house he has ever designed has an idea behind it.

spectacular houses

Dar al Hajar – Yemen

This palace looks like something built centuries ago. Sometimes resembles a gingerbread house – for me at least. Either way, this huge structure was built in the 1930s by Imam Yahya, then king of Yemen, as a "summer home". It’s one of the most beautiful examples of rock-cut architecture. Since its restoration, visitors can now avail of tickets to tour the place and take in the 360 view of surrounding landscape.

spectacular houses

Bubble House – Tourettes-sur-Loup, France

The bubble house is designed by Hungarian architect Antti Lovag for fashion designer Pierre Cardin. As the name suggests, the house is made up of several round-shaped structures, dotted by a number of bubble-like convex windows. Inside, the house has a lot of built-in furniture. The shape of the structure is meant to afford the best view of the Côte d’Azur landscape and its windows offer a nice view of the Mediterranean.

spectacular houses

The Upside-Down House – Szymbark, Poland

Believe it or not, the upside-down house was built as a statement about the Communist era and the end of the world. This odd statement-house, owned by Polish businessman and philanthropist Daniel Czapiewski, took 114 days to build because the workers were disoriented by the angles of the walls. The house is so odd that tourists who go to Szymbark, reported becoming dizzy and seasick after a few minutes inside.

spectacular houses

Hang Nga Villa – Dalat, Vietnam

This building’s a bit spooky. It resembles a cross between a melted candle and a tree stump with gnarled roots. This bizarre building was built by Madame Hang Nga, the daughter of Ho Chi Minh’s right-hand man. It was supposed to reflect her interest in art and architecture. Made of concrete, the building is reported to be even spookier inside, with seriously odd décor that include a giant eagle with red Christmas light eyes, "for the Americans". The building now serves as a a restaurant and reception area for a French colonial-style hotel next door. One can’t help but think about the jarring contrast in architectural styles.

spectacular houses

Toilet-Shaped House – Suweon, South Korea

Wonder why anybody would want to live in a house that resemble a toilet, but here it is. The only toilet-house in the world was the brainchild of Sim Jae-Duck, a Suweon, South Korea native. The house marked the launch of the World Toilet Association, a campaign for more sanitary restrooms worldwide.

spectacular house

Shoe House – South Africa

Straight out of a fairytale, the shoe house was a project of hotelier Ron Van Zyl. The shoe-shaped structure was built by Van Zyl for his wife Yvonne. The building houses Van Zyl’s wood carvings and serves a some sort of museum. The shoe is actually a part of a huge complex which includes an eight-chalet guest house, restaurant, pool, bar and even a camp site.

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