Denver Art Museum

Frederic C Hamilton Building Denver Art MuseumThe Denver Art Museum is part of the Denver Civic Center located in Denver, Colorado. The museum is known for its extensive collection of American Indian art. It is also most notable for the Frederic C. Hamilton building with its unique and eye catching architecture as well as collection of modern and contemporary art.

Frederic C. Hamilton Building

The Frederic C. Hamilton building is one of the newer structures that form part of the Denver Art Museum. It is easily distinguishable for its quite unique and ultra modern design, making it easily stand out among the other more contemporary buildings that surround it.

The Frederic C Hamilton building was designed by Daniel Libeskind who was chosen among a number of other noted architects to design the expansion of the Denver Art Museum. Construction on the building began in 2003 with the assembly of the structure’s angular steel skeleton. The building was opened to the public in 2006.

Architectural Features

The Frederic C. Hamilton building follows after a Deconstructivism architectural style. The general look of the building seems to connote irregular shaped boxes with irregular peaks and angles. It is said to reflect the beauty of the Rockies, which can be seen from the city, but with a modern twist.

Outside, the structure is clad with several titanium panels that give it a boxed and metallic look. The interior is just as complex with many irregular shapes and angles in true Deconstructivist form. In a way, the building may be considered as part of the unique art being housed inside it. Its out of the box features makes it one of the memorable and highly recognizable structures in the city of Denver.

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