Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art

jonhson museum of artThe Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Arts is a unique building in terms of design that is located in Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. This building has been quite well known for its controversial concrete facade. The building was built as a museum that was named after Herbet F. Johnson, head of S. C. Johnson of Racine, Wisconsin who funded the construction of the said building.

The museum was designed by noted architect I. M. Pei. Its design is notable in which is top two floors cantilever over the open air sculpture garden of the museum. The architect so designed the museum because of the challenges that the site presented.

The design was also followed as such so that the building would not be blocking the view of nearby Cayuga Lake. The design of the building also offers visitors a more panoramic view of the lake from its fifth floor. The overall design of the building was to create a dramatic statement and at the same time do it in a way so as not to block the scenic view in the area.

The Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Arts has ten floors and covers a total floor area of 61,000 square feet. It houses a varied collection of artifacts with the exhibit spaces located in the nine-level tower of the museum.

There are also additional galleries and function room located below ground of this unique museum. Windows in the building for horizontal bands fixed upon the upper floors of the museum. These windows provide a panoramic view of the surroundings to complement the art exhibits inside.

A notable design aspect of the museum is its spiral stairway that streaks down like a strand of DNA on a polished oak column. The team of architects that worked with I. M. Pei aimed to create a building with interiors providing people with a sense of continuous space and openness. Skylights in the lobby were included in the design to provide some wonderful openness to the building interiors.

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