Queen Sofia Palace of The Arts

Queen Sofia PalaceThe Queen Sofia Palace of the Arts, or El Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia is a uniquely designed opera house and complex located in the city of Valencia in Spain. It is actually a part of the grand City of Arts and Sciences and the last completed structure of the said large scale design concept developed by noted Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava.

The Building

The El Palau, as the opera house is sometimes known, was first built in 1995 and was opened on October 8, 2005. the structure is composed of a huge curving roof about 230 meters in length and 75 meters tall. Under the roof, a 14-story building can be found, with an additional 3 stories built below ground. There are four auditoriums housed inside this 40,000 square meter building.

The Sala Principal

The Sala Principal is the main hall of El Palau. It is mainly used for opera but can also be converted for use in dance as well as other performing arts. The Main Hall can accommodate 1,700 people and an orchestra pit that can sit 120 musicians.

The Auditorio

The Auditorio is located just above the Main Hall. With a 1,500 seating capacity, the Auditorio is considered as a multi-use venue where events such as music concerts to political rallies may be staged. It also is equipped with sound and video systems that can screen evens happening at the Main Hall.

The Aula Magistral

The Aula Magistral is a smaller venue found inside the building. It can accommodate about 400 people and is mainly used for chamber music performances as well as conferences.

Martin i Soler Theatre

This theater is constructed at the base of the building and is usually use as a training center for performances at the main auditorium. This theater can accommodate 400 people.

Architectural Style

The structure’s notable architect, Santiago Calatrava designed the El Palau as a complex of different structures unified by a striking enclosure made up of two symmetrical cut-away shells made of concrete from the sides and then crowned with a sweeping sheath of steel on top. The enclosure helps provide the striking features of El Palau that makes it quite a landmark that it is.


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