The Crystal Cathedral

Crystal CathedralThe Crystal Cathedral is one of the most impressive of the modern churches today. The Crystal Cathedral is a Protestant mega church that is located in Garden Grove, Orange County in California. It is recognizable by its all-glass structure, hence the name of the said church.

The main sanctuary building of the Crystal Cathedral was designed by renowned architect, Philip Johnson. This soaring and impressively designed cathedral features over 10,000 windows from top to bottom covered with tempered, silver colored glass. The glass is held in place by a lattice framework of white steel trusses.

Inside, the interiors include statuaries, fountains and greenery. The Crystal Cathedral also covers an area that can accommodate over 3,000 people during worship services. There are also four bronze statues present that represent Bishop Fulton Sheen, Norman Vincent Peale, Billy Graham and Robert H. Schuller, the founder of the Crystal Cathedral.

One of the interesting structural features of the Crystal Cathedral included the breathtaking glass pane making up the whole church. Each of the glass panes are not bolted into the steel truss structure.

Instead, they are glued to it using silicon based glue. This provides some cushioning effect on the glass panes and allows the whole building to withstand an earthquake of magnitude 8.0. The church has two 90-foot doors behind the pulpit that can be opened electronically to allow the morning sunlight and natural breezes to enhance worship services.

The cathedral also has a 185 foot long chancel area where a thousand singers and instrumentalist perform during worship services. The services can also be viewed via a giant indoor television screen as well as on another one outside located adjacent to the cathedral to accommodate "drive-in" worshippers.

The Crystal Cathedral also stands beside an impressive 236 foot tall mirrored steeple that also houses a carillon and a prayer chapel. The mirror reflects sunlight and may provide different view at various times of the day, providing an added interesting feature to the already impressively looking mega church.

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