Ulm Minster Church

Ulm MinsterUlm Minster is a Lutheran church located in Ulm, Germany. It holds the reputation of being called the tallest church in the world. It is sometimes called a cathedral due to its great size. But the Ulm Minster is not a cathedral since it has never been a seat of a bishop.

Ulm Minster History

Ulm Minster was built sometime around the 14th century. The previous parish church of Ulm was located outside the walled city. A plan to build a new church inside the city walls was made. The first foundation for the new church was laid in 1377.

The master builder for the new church was Ulrich Ensingen who was appointed for the job in 1392. It was him who wanted to build the western church tower as the tallest spire ever. The church was consecrated in 1405 although it hasn’t been totally completed. Construction of the church was halted several times due to religious as well as political factors. The Ulm Minster was ultimately completed on May 31, 1890.

Ulm Minster Features

The Ulm Minster is a good example of Gothic ecclesiastical architecture. Its most notable feature is its steeple which measures 161.53 meters or 530 feet high. And because of this, it is considered to be the tallest church in the world. The steeple also houses staircase towards the top which contain 768 steps.

Ulm Minster has a length of 123.56 meters or 405.4 feet and a width of 48.8 meters or 160 feet. It occupies a total area of around 8,260 square meters or 88,900 square feet. The church can accommodate around 2,000 seating visitors. Before church pews were introduced sometime after the Middle Ages, the church is known to accommodate around 20,000 people.

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