Green Building

Green building is a fairly new practice in architecture and design that has become increasingly popular today. Green building is all about design and construction with the concern for the environment in mind. It is the practice of increasing the efficiency on how buildings use resources.

In terms of design, architects and engineers try to design structures which can make use of energy and materials more efficiently as well as reduce the negative effects of these structures on human health as well as the environment.

Sustainable Architecture

Another term usually used in design and architecture is sustainable or green architecture. It is a general term that refers to the design techniques being employed and with how it will generally affect the environment being a high level of concern.

Sustainable architecture aims to reduce or minimize the negative impact of buildings on the environment through the more efficient use of energy, materials as well as development space. There are many factors that are being considered when architects and designers aim to "go green" on their designs.

Sustainable Energy

One of the main aspects that goes in the design of the green building is how it will be a able to sustain energy efficiency during its life cycle. Architects try to find different ways in which to design a low-energy or zero-energy building.

There are various ways in which this could be done. The very objective of these techniques is to try and reduce the energy needs of buildings and increase its ability to capture or generate the energy being used for the whole structure.

An important focus of designers in making up green buildings concerns the heating, cooling and ventilation needs of the building. In order to do this, architects try to design a well-insulated building. A well insulated building will require less heat generation during the colder months and less energy to cool it during the warmer months.

Alternative Energy Sources

One of the best means to design the green building is by making it able to generate or recycle energy. Buildings usually have waste products that designers usually try to make use of in order to create recycled energy.

Not only are waste products reduced, it is being recycled as an energy source for buildings. Other designers try to include other energy saving devices such as solar panels and employing passive solar building design in order to make buildings more energy efficient

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