What is Minimalism?

What is Minimalist?

Minimalism is considered as an art movement that covers various forms of art and design. It is an artistic style used where work is stripped down to its most fundamental features. This style of art thrives on simplicity in both from and content and aims to remove any signs of personal expressibility in the artwork or design. The reason for this is to allow the viewer to experience the work without the distractions of theme, composition etc.

In art, minimalism and the theory behind it were already being exercised as early as the 18th century. One example would be when Goethe made the Altar of Good Fortune which is a plain square cube 3 x 3 feet in size. But the actual movement started sometime after World War II where distinctive developments in minimalist art began to come out. In the visual arts, minimalism emerged sometime in the 1960’s in New York. It was a reaction against the works based on Abstract Expressionism.

Minimalisy design

In architecture and design, minimalism is being described as a trend where the subject is being reduced to only its essential elements. Influences on minimalist design can be traced to Japanese traditional design and architecture. Works of De Stijl artists may also be considered as a reference to minimalism where basic elements such as lines and planes are organized in a particular manner.

It was architect Ludwig Miles van der Rohe who adopted the motto, "Less is More", which is the actual aim of the movement. This motto described the style of design where numerous essential components of a structure is arranged in such as way as to create the impression of extreme simplicity. With this concept, structures designed by van der Rohe makes use of simple yet elegant designs. The structure’s beauty is determined by outlining the basic geometric shapes, the use of striking color combinations, light effects, and clean and fine finishes.


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