SOCAR Tower is a uniquely-looking skyscraper located at Baku, Azerbaijan. Named after the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic or SOCAR, it is considered as the fourth tallest building in the capital as well as in the whole of Azerbaijan. In 2016, it was considered as the tallest building in Baku but has since been surpassed by other taller skyscrapers built in the bourgeoning capital.

SOCAR Tower History

SOCAR wanted to consolidate its headquarters in the capital city of Baku in order to house the offices of its administrative personnel who were not directly involved in field operations. Plans to build a modern high-rise building were then initiated in 2007 when bidding on the project began. The contract went to the South Korean firm Heerim Architects to build a very modern, functional, and aesthetically sound design. Construction on this building project began around 2010. It was then completed sometime in 2015 and was opened to the public on 2016.

SOCAR Tower Features

The SOCAR Tower stands 209 meters or 686 feet tall. It is designed like two towers of different heights build closely side by side and slightly twist and curve as they meet at the top. It has a total of 42 floors and a floor area of 100,000 sq. meters or 1,100,000 sq. feet. It mainly houses office spaces as the main headquarters for SOCAR. It also has conference and sports facilities along with retail spaces and food outlets. The SOCAR Tower’s structure is based on a composite system of steel with reinforced concrete walls. It is designed to withstand wind speeds of up to 190kmh or 120mph and magnitude 9 earthquakes. The SOCAR tower is considered as one of Baku’s major landmarks.

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