Drawing with a Grid

In drawing using a grid, there are important steps that one should follow. How these steps are carried out will ensure that the drawing would be the exact same copy of the image on the photograph. The grid drawing method allows one to achieve a much greater accuracy in copying an image on photographs than usual.

Step One

When trying to select an image to copy, make sure that you get a large and clear picture of it. A photocopy or a computer print out of the image would be ideal since you might need to draw out a grid on its surface. The picture must be clear enough so that the lines and the edges of the image are clear enough to follow.

Step Two

Try to decide on the grid size that you draw over the image. It should not be to big or you may need to do a lot of drawing just to finish each square. If you make it too small, then it might get more difficult to follow what you draw on each square and can get too confusing at times. Smaller squares may also bring about more errors and therefore more frequent erasures which may be hard to do with having smaller squares on the grid.

Step Three

When measuring up your grid, try to make sure that each square is proportionately similar all throughout. Make sure that the lines are evenly spaced and with similar distances to each other. This way you may be able to create a grid that you can scale up and down and still maintain that high level of accuracy. Try to create the same grid on your drawing paper or scale it up or down using the same number of squares on the grid.

Step Four

Now that you have your grid made out, you are now ready to draw. In order to avoid getting confused with the squares in which to draw, you can have a blank paper on hand to try and cover a part of the image. This way, you can focus on drawing the lines a few squares at a time. This would especially work well if you have large drawings to do.

Step Five

When you draw, try to start off with the clear edges and lines in the picture. Try to judge how the lines are positioned in relation to the grid that you have drawn. You do not have to measure it with a ruler to determine its position on the grid. Just try to follow the shape and the line and try to see where the lines of the image meet up with the lines of the grid.

Step Six

When you draw the lines, try to make the clearer lines of the images as the darker ones. Other lines such as details and shadows can be drawn as a dotted line just to give you some reference when finishing up your drawing. Once you have done with all the squares and have a complete and exact copy of the image on paper, you can now begin to erase the grid lines, patching up the erased parts of the drawing as you go.

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