The Amazing World of Dust Art

Dust art is a unique type of visual art. Its main medium is nothing more than a sheet of dust on a flat plane like a car window. In other words, a dashboard may serve as the canvas for a dust artist.

Since the main component of art is creativity, dust art is taking art dilettantes by storm. And there is no one well-known in this kind of art than a Texan named Scott Wade.

Scott Wade: The Dust Artist

Though dust art is not limited when it comes to being creative, artists may also do self-portraits as well as caricatures. One of Wade’s works is a replica of C. M. Coolidge’s "A Friend in Need".

Several people are familiar with it because of the subjects depicted, such as the familiar scene of dogs playing a game of poker. Among his other works are Van Gogh’s "Starry Night" and da Vinci’s "Mona Lisa".

Wade’s wife, Robin Cook, is also a dust artist herself. She made a portrait of gubernatorial candidate Kinky Friedman and was featured on the candidate’s website..

Being a dust artist

Usually, the artist only uses his finger to create these works of art on dust. All they have to do is dust their car and they can begin with the process of making figures out of it.

Of course, works may differ among how the artists like it. It is like doing monochromatic art with the inclusion of graffiti-inspired ideas.

Artists may use a wide variety of art utensils like brushes or the likes. As long as the artist knows the basics of contrasting colors in monochrome art, this type of art will be easy for creative individuals who would like to try it.

Dust art is creative as it is fun. People can use it as a hobby. It all boils down on knowing how wonderful dust can be when it comes to creativity and art.

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