Andy Warhol

Andy WarholAndy Warhol is considered as one of the central figures in the popularity of the movement known as Pop art. An American artist who began his career as a commercial illustrator, Warhol later on became famous as a painter, avant-garde filmmaker and a famous public figure known in various social circles- from distinguished intellectuals to Hollywood celebrities.

Andy Warhol was born Andy Warhola in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on August 6, 1928. His parents, Andrew and Julia Warhola were working class immigrants that came from Hungary. Warhol’s father worked as a coal miner caring for a family that also included Warhol’s two older brothers, John and Paul.

When he was at third grade, Warhol was afflicted by St. Vitus Dance, a condition that affects the nervous system causing involuntary movements said to be brought about by complications of scarlet fever. This later on led to Warhol developing blotchiness in the pigmentation of his skin. And because Warhol was frequently bed-ridden as a child he became somewhat of a hypochondriac as well as a social outcast among school mates. This led him to spend his time drawing that helped form and develop his skill in the arts.

Later on, Warhol showed his artistic talent and studied commercial art at the Carnegie Institute of Technology School of Fine Arts. After graduating, he moved to New York City where he began a successful career in magazine doing illustrations for advertisements. He was primarily known in the 50’s for his ink drawings of shoes used for advertisements. His career later on led Warhol to do illustrations for the music industry doing album covers as well as promotional materials.

It was during the 60’s that Warhol started to create paintings of famous American products as well as paintings of Hollywood celebrities. It was also during this tie that he began gathering a wide circle of artists, writers, musicians and underground celebrities.

Warhol aimed to mass produce art and sparked a revolution that became controversial as well as popular. Warhol’s subject in art usually revolves around American Pop culture. He painted dollar bills, popular brand name products as well as celebrities. His subjects are usually recognizable and have mass appeal. He became a popular figure in the art world as well as the various social circles up until his death in February 22, 1987.

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