Georges-Pierre Seurat

Georges Pierre SeuratGeorges-Pierre Seurat was a noted French painter that is also considered as the founder of Neo-impressionism in the 19th Century. He was born on December 2, 1859 to a well-off family in Paris, France. His father, Antoine Chrysostom Seurat was a known legal official in La Vilette. Seurat’s mother, Ernestine Faivre came from a family of prosperous middle class Parisians.

Early influences for Georges was his uncle, an amateur painter from his mother side, who introduced the young Seurat. In 1875, Georges started attending a drawing class that was taught by Justin Lequien who was a sculptor. In 1878 to 1879, he was admitted to the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. After serving a year of military service, he returned to Paris where he devoted his time in trying to master the art of black and white drawing.

In 1883, Seurat was able to finish his very first painting but was rejected by the Paris Salon, a big and popular art exhibition in Paris. This rejection led Seurat to instead ally with the other independent artists in Paris. It was in 1884 that Seurat, along with other independent artists, formed the Societe des Artistes Independants. It was with the group that Seurat begin to share his ideas on a new painting technique called pointillism, which became the art movement that he founded called Neo-impressionism.

In 1884, Seurat began working on his most well-known work, Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La GrandeGrande, which took about two years to finish. The painting showed members of the different social classes participating in various activities at the park. The painting was done using the pointillism technique that Seurat started. This new technique allowed viewers of the painting to blend the different colors optically through the positioning of the multi-colored dots instead of blending the color using pre-blended pigment on canvas.

Seurat died unexpectedly on March 29, 1891 in Paris. The cause of his death was uncertain but was later on attributed to a form of meningitis, pneumonia or diphtheria

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