Joan Miro

Joan Miro painterJoan Miro was a notable Spanish painter, sculptor and ceramist who earned international acclaim for his work that has been associated with Surrealism. Most of his paintings seem to create images from the subconscious mind. Miro was known to shun conventional painting methods and usually go against the elements of established painting.

Early Years

Joan Miro was born on April 20, 1893 in Barcelona, Spain. He was born from a family of goldsmiths and jewelry makers. He took his art studies at the Barcelona School of fine Arts and at the Academia Gali.

But Joan’s parents would rather have him become a serious businessman. That is why he also took up business classes in 1907 along with his art studies. Joan then went on to work as a accountant for two years until a nervous breakdown sidelined him from continuing on. His parents finally relented to his career choice as an artist.

Paris Years

In 1920, Joan relocated to Paris where he was drawn to the art community in Montparnasse where he was greatly influenced by the poets and writers in developing his own painting style. He began to develop his style that was associated with Surrealism and with elements of Dada, although Miro declined to associate himself with the art movements in order to remain free from any limitations to his experimentations in art.

International Fame

Joan Miro gained international fame during the 1930’s where he was already able to develop his own brand of art. His works, which were hard to described, is characterized by the use of brilliant colors combined with the use of simplified forms that reminded people of drawings made by children. By the 1940’s Joan found himself going back to Spain where he started working with different art media such as murals, ceramics and sculptures.


Joan Miro’s was one of the first artists to develop automatic drawing, which is characterized by letting the hand move randomly across the paper as a means to express subconscious thoughts.

Miro disliked any form of bourgeois art which was being used as a means to promote propaganda and a cultural identity among the wealthy. That is why Miro pursued more experimental forms of art and never wanted himself to be closely associated with a certain art movement. Joan Miro died in Palma, Mallorca on December 25, 1983.

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