The Fascinating Stories Behind Famous Artists

Art can be an interesting endeavor and it has been for many, many years. Artists throughout the years have made a name for themselves and left lasting legacies that allowed many art lovers today to thank for. And art, in whatever form it takes, has many stories to tell. And art history is here to tell us about such stories, of artists and the interesting stories behind some of the world’s famous art pieces. Here are just some for you to enjoy and think about.


Although people have been painting things as a creative expression for the past 20,000 years, it wasn’t until 1880 that people are able to buy ready mixed paints. People before that have to exhaustively create their own colors through a variety of means. Along the subject of colors, during ancient times, there was a belief that certain colors could effectively fight off evil spirits that seem to stay around nurseries.

In order to combat them baby boys were made to wear clothes in the color blue since it was associated with the color of heaven. And since the baby boys were considered as most precious to parents most boys started to wear that color.

Surprisingly, the parents of girls did not seem to have the same fear. That is why baby girls during those times did not have a certain color associated with them like the baby boys. They ended up wearing mostly black colored clothes. The color pink started becoming the color of choice for baby girls only during the Middle Ages.


There are many stories that abound about certain famous artists and their works. Such an example can come from Leonardo da Vinci. Although many may have heard about the Leonardo da Vinci’s most famous artwork, the Mona Lisa, only a few may have known that it took the renowned artist 12 years just to ponder about, paint and perfect Mona Lisa’s lips. No wonder people still try to mull over her mystical smile.

During the time when the famous artwork was stolen from the Louvre in 1912, there were known to be six replicas that were sold as originals, each at a very handsome price. This was done for a good three years until the original painting was finally recovered. Another thing of note about Leonardo da Vinci is that he wrote all his personal notes in reverse, requiring others to use a mirror in order to read them.

There are also interesting stories that surround other famous artists throughout history. For example, despite Vincent Van Gogh’s fame today, he was only able to sell one and only one painting during his lifetime- his Red Vineyard at Arles. On December 3, 1961 Henri Matisse’s painting Le Bateau was finally put the right way up after found to be hanging upside-down for 46 days without anyone noticing at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, America.

The famous artist Picasso learned how to draw before he can walk. His first word was the Spanish word for pencil. In every painting made by the famous Salvador Dali, one would be able to find a self-portrait if one looks hard enough. One could see, at the very least, the artist’s silhouette in some of them.

And another interesting thought for art lovers out there. A camel hair brush isn’t actually made from real camel hair. The brush can be made of horse, bear, sheep or even squirrel hair, but surely no camel.

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