Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van GoghVincent Willem van Gogh was a famous Dutch Post-impressionist artist whose paintings and drawings have become some of the most popular and most expensive works of art in the world today. His use of color as the chief mode of expression has led him to create some of the most beautiful paintings, the mix of color and dramatic content of his works display his genius as an artist. Van Gogh’s posthumous success despite the tragic life he led seems to be in line with the lives of other great artists that achieved renown only after their death.

Vincent van Gogh was born on March 30, 1853 in the province of North Brabant in the Netherlands. His father, Theodorus van Gogh was a minister of the Dutch Reformed |Church. His mother was Anna Cornelia Carbentus. As a child, Van Gogh was serious and silent. But generations of the Van Gogh’s have been associated with either art or religion. Early relatives seem to either lean on a life of art or religion. So it can be safely said that art runs in Van Gogh’s blood.

Van Gogh learned about drawing and the arts while attending middle school. He was taught by Constantijn C. Huysmans, a teacher at Willem II College in Tilburgand an artist who have achieved a certain success in France. But this did not motivate Van Gogh to lead a life of an artist.

In 1869, at the age of fifteen, Van Gogh decided to find work after deciding to leave school abruptly the year earlier. He was able to find work as an art dealer in The Hague with the help of an uncle. Van Gogh was later on transferred to London in 1873 where he started to become successful. This was considered as one of Van Gogh’s happy life periods.

But unfortunately, Van Gogh’s behavior began to change after being rejected by a woman he fell in love with. From that point on, Van Gogh became increasingly isolated and seem to become fervent in religion. Van Gogh also began to notice and became dismayed at how art was being treated as a commodity rather than as an admirable body of work. He began to express his sentiments to his customers. This later on led to his termination as an art dealer in 1876.

After stints of becoming a minister’s assistant at a Methodist church, Van Gogh decided to study theology but failed a three month course at a Protestant missionary course. But this did not hamper him from having a brief and temporary stint as a missionary in Belgium. His erratic behavior slowly began to come out, baffling some of the people who came to meet him.

Afterwards, Van Gogh went home after having a bad experience with the church authorities as a missionary in Belgium and in part to the insistence of his family to go back home. But then, his strange behavior began to show increasingly at home which even led his father to make inquiries of committing Van Gogh in a lunatic asylum, mostly due to the growing tension happening between them. Van Gogh decided to go someplace else and found himself going back to Belgium. There he began to harbor a growing interest of the everyday scenes around him and began to capture them in his drawings.

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