Modern Encaustic Painting

Encaustic painting has enjoyed a revival of sorts with the availability of modern techniques now being considered as standard in the craft. This kind of panting technique was once shunned with the availability of new mediums that allow artists to paint without having to deal with handling hot wax.

It may have been discouraging for many artists having to deal with making a fire trying to make hot wax consistent enough when being applied.

Modern Techniques

But with new modern techniques in place, artists now have a more convenient way of dabbling in this ancient painting technique. First revived sometime during the 19th and 20th Century, hot wax painting is now made even more attractive with certain tools now made available for artists that makes handling the said painting medium easier.

Tools: Hot Spatula

The modern encaustic painting techniques have added a set of modern tools into the artist’s bag. With early encaustic painting artists using spatula like pokers heated in a fire to do their paintings, modern techniques now make use of specially made electric heated spatula to do the job more conveniently. This new tool has a selection of modeling tips that can be used to scoop, smooth or shape the hot wax.

Electric Encaustic Pallet

There is also a specialty electric encaustic pallet now used by painters to keep the wax in its ideal consistency. The encaustic pallet usually has a temperature regulator to help keep the hot wax in the right consistency without having to bother worrying about fires and such.

Heat Guns

For burning in applied wax to smoothen them out, painters no longer have to depend on using ancient charcoal fed irons to do the job. There are now tools such as electric heating lamps, blowtorches as well as heat guns that might do the job just as well and even better.

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