Surrealism Art Movement

Art has been a part of man’s quest for knowledge. Man aimed to capture and the concretion of what comes to the imagination of the human psyche. Objects with a physical or tangible counterpart are easier to recreate in a painter’s canvas and an artwork of extreme beauty can be produced. But what about the metaphysical realm where so-called objects may not have a physical counterpart? How would artists make them as a subject of a painting for example? What is invisible and the stuff of dreams and how artists would try to recreate them somehow helped in giving birth to Surrealism.

Surrealism began as a cultural movement that transcended artworks in the form of paintings. It has also become known as a movement in poems, film and music from the 1920’s until today. Surrealism as an art movement was seen and originated from the beliefs of Dadaists, who believed that too much of irrationality in thoughts and values have been bringing the terrible conflict that was then happening in the world especially during World War I.

Surrealism was said to be the founded mainly by the French writer Andre Breton who was known then as a Dadaist. He wrote the three manifestos about surrealism, notably the “Surrealist Manifesto” in which he defined surrealism as pure psychic automatism. Breton had training in the field of medicine and psychiatry where he was able to encounter the theories of psychoanalysis first hand which had a great influence on the art movement.

Surrealists are interested in trying to capture what the human psyche are trying to convey unconsciously. Surrealism takes great interest in the metaphysical aspect of life and tries to capture images that has been considered as a product of a dream or of the unconscious mind. That is why most surrealist paintings were generally based on dreams and irrational fantasies. Surrealist paintings, because of their metaphysical principles, were usually filled with familiar objects and images which were painted to look strange or mysterious. Surrealist painters and artists aimed to make people take a look at things differently through their odd paintings and other artworks. The uniqueness and mostly irrational combination of images that form part of the artwork might help stir up feelings in the back of peoples minds and make them view things a a different light.

Salvador Dali was an artist most famous for his Surrealist art works. He was known to create surrealistic masterpieces that boggled the mind yet sparked some interest due to their fantastic yet fascinating compositions. One of his most notable works included a painting named “Persistence of Time” which was famous for depicting a number of melting pocket watches over a surrealistic sea and yellow tinged cliffs as background. Surrealist painters such as Dali aimed to bring out the inner realities, fantasies and messages that might come out from the human unconscious mind. Surrealistic are thought of as a link between the spiritual aspects and the realistic objects of the material world.

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