Lady Justice Statue

The Lady Justice is probably one of the most recognizable pieces of sculpture in the world. It is also one of those popular sculptures that cannot be attributed to just a single famous sculptor since a great number of artists from past to present have created their own version of this revered subject.

The Lady Justice has adorned many law establishments all over the world with its beauty and its presence that symbolizes one of the inherent virtues of humanity, that is, justice.

The Lady Justice has a history that spans back since ancient times. She is said to be the personification of Justicia, the Roman goddess of Justice. She may also be attributed to the Hellenic goddess Themis, who embodied law and custom as well of divine order.

Some say that Lady Justice is a combination of the different ancient characters that is said to uphold law and order, all of which may have contributed to the modern portrayal of the revered Lady Justice that we know today.

The blindfold over the eyes of today’s Lady Justice may have come from the early depictions of Themis. The sword may have originated from early Egyptian depictions of Ma’at, often depicted as a lady that holds a sword and an ostrich feather on her hair who also symbolized truth and justice.

It was Justicia who was later on depicted with the blindfold over her eyes that held the scales and a sword that became the basis for the modern Lady Justice.

Lady Justice is usually portrayed as an elegant lady with a blindfold that is carrying a sword in one hand and the scales in the other. These symbols stand for the principles that are required to uphold the rule of law and justice.

The blindfold over the eyes symbolizes a justice that is given without prejudice. The blindfold signifies that justice should be upheld regardless of rank or position, power, identity or weakness. It came to further symbolize justice served objectively.

The sword of Lady Justice is said to symbolize the power that justice holds in preserving law and order. The sword may also stand for Reason and Justice which can be meted either for or against any party. The scales came to symbolize how justice comes to measure support or opposition for a situation in order to come out with an objective decision.

Different artists have depicted Lady Justice in quite a number of incarnations. They mostly include the three modern symbolisms that came to be associated with this recognizable icon. It has become quite a common depiction of Justice that this revered lady can be found in almost every courthouse and law establishment all over the world.

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