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Baku Flame Towers

The Baku Flame Towers is a complex of three buildings located in the city of Baku in Azerbaijan. It is quite distinct in the Baku skyline because of the three buildings designed to form flames, hence its name. The three towers consist of a hotel, apartments, and office blocks. It is also considered as the

Innovation Tower

Innovation Tower is a striking building that forms part of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Also known as the Jockey Club Innovation Tower, this building is located in the northwestern tip of the university campus in Kowloon, Hong Kong. The building houses the University’s School of Design. Innovation Tower History The Hong Kong PolyU wanted

Manchester Civil Justice Centre

The Manchester Civil Justice Centre is a striking government building located in Manchester, England in the United Kingdom. It houses several of Manchester’s court services and departments, including the County Court and the Manchester District Registry of the High Court, the city’s Family Proceedings Court, and the district probate registry. It is considered as one

Riverside Church

The Riverside Church is an interdenominational church located in Harlem in New York City. It is a notable landmark in the city famous for its striking Gothic architecture. It is also considered as the tallest church in the United States and 26th overall in the world. Riverside Church History The ecumenical Riverside Church has its