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Renaissance Center

Renaissance Center is a complex of seven interconnected skyscrapers located at the International Riverfront in Downtown Detroit, Michigan. It is also known as GM Renaissance Center or by its more popular nickname, RenCen. Is it owned by General Motors and made it as the company’s world headquarters. It is considered as the tallest building in

The Glass Palace

The Glass Palace is a modernist building located in Heerlen, Netherlands. It was initially built in 1935 as a fashion house and a department store. But it has since become a cultural center in the city. The original name for the building is the Modehuis Schunk, or Schunk Fashion House. But it was eventually nicknamed

Columbia Center Building

The Columbia Center is a striking skyscraper located in downtown Seattle. It is considered as the tallest building in the city as well as in the whole State of Washington. It was formerly called as the Bank of America Tower and the Columbia Seafirst Center. It is also the 2nd tallest building in the West

Toronto City Hall

Toronto City Hall is considered as one of the more distinctive landmarks in the city of Toronto in Ontario, Canada. It is specifically located on 100 Queen Street West. Its modernist take makes it quite a distinct structure that graces the Toronto skyline. Toronto City Hall History The current Toronto City Hall was a product

City Hall, London

The City Hall is a unique and striking modernist building located in Southwark on the south bank of the River Thames in Greater London. This building is the headquarters of the Greater London Authority that comprises the Mayor of London and the London Assembly. Despite its name, the City Hall does not serve nor is