56 Leonard Street Building

56 Leonard Street Building 56 Leonard Street is a 57-floor skyscraper located in Tribeca, New York. When it was topped off, it was considered as the tallest building in Tribeca. It was primarily built as a residential building known for its unique design, described as “houses stacked in the sky.” 56 Leonard Street Building History The property where the building now stands belonged to the New York Law School. The land and air rights was

Federation Tower East

Federation Tower East The Federation Tower East is part of two towers located at the Moscow International Business Center in Moscow, Russia. The Federation Tower East is the tallest of the two skyscrapers. Also called the Vostok Tower, the Federation Tower East is considered as the tallest building in Europe when it was completed in 2017.  It is considered also as the 36th tallest building in the world. Federation Tower East History Th

Lotte World Tower

Lotte World Tower Lotte World Tower is a supertall skyscraper located in Seoul, South Korea. It is considered as the tallest building in South Korea, as well as in the OECD, which includes countries like the US and the UK. The tower is also considered as the 5th tallest building in the world. Lotte World Tower History The Lotte World Tower took about 13 years of planning and site preparation. It only was able to gain final approval

DC Tower 1

donau city tower 1 DC Tower 1 is a completed high-rise building located in Vienna’s Donau City district in the country of Austria. Also known as the Donau City Tower, DC Tower 1 is the first of two towers being built in the complex. The DC Tower 1 is also considered as the tallest building in Austria. DC Tower 1 History Due to the effects of the global financial crisis in 2007, development of the DC Tower 1 was delayed several

Evolution Tower

Evolution Tower Evolution Tower is a skyscraper that forms part of the Moscow international Business Center in Moscow, Russia. This neo-futuristic style building design is characterized by its twisting vertical structure. It was awarded second place in the  Emporis Skyscraper Award for 2015. Evolution Tower History The Evolution Tower was designed by RMJM as part of the of the new Moscow City business district. Principal archite

The Pearl River Tower

The Pearl River Tower The Pearl River Tower is a 309.6-meter or 1,016-feet skyscraper located in the Tianhe District in Guangzhou, China. The neofuturistic building makes use of clean technology in order to minimize its harm into the environment. Many of its notable features include being the world’s largest radiant-cooled office building and the world’s most energy efficient super tall building, among many other distinction

Bosco Verticale

green residential towers The Bosco Verticale is a pair of unique towers located in Milan, Italy. It is a twin residential tower with a unique feature that makes it stand out- each tower houses trees as an integral part of the design. The buildings’ terraces contain around a total of 900 trees planted in over 8,900 square feet of space, quite fitting for its name, which means vertical forest in English. Bosco Verticale History The bui

Casa Batllo

Casa Batllo Casa Batllo is a popular building located in the center of Barcelona, Spain. Aside from its interesting and unique design, it is also well renowned by virtue of its architect, Antoni Gaudi. Locally, this structure is known as “Casa dels ossos” or the “house of bones” because of its bony and skeletal quality of architecture. Casa Batllo History Casa Batllo is actually a renovated classical bu

Mercury City Tower

Mercury City Tower The Mercury City Tower is an imposing and distinctive skyscraper that graces the Moscow skyline in Russia. Standing 338.8 meters or 1,112 feet, it was, for a while, considered as Moscow’s as well as Europe’s tallest building, overtaking The Shard in London when it was topped off on November 2012. The Mercury City Tower as been overtaken by another Moscow skyscraper, the Federation Tower, which is now co

One Central Park Sydney

One Central Park Sydney One Central Park Sydney is a two-tower residential building complex located in Sydney, Australia. It is considered to be the first stage of redevelopment in an area that was once dominated by a brewery. The building of One Central Park aimed to feature a structure built in harmony with its natural surroundings. It is designed to be a focal point of the urban renewal project that includes the development of a public